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  • Christmas with the Symphony | December 25, 2021

    Christmas with the Symphony. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Sioux City Symphony, this special presentation offers a variety of music, from the cherished old carols we have all grown to love to the timeless classics that truly make this time of year special.

  • Beethoven & Price | Opening Night | 10.16.2021

    (10.16.2021) Opening Night welcomes pianist Michelle Cann as she performs Florence Price’s Piano Concerto in One Movement. The Concerto evokes the composer’s experiences as a Black woman raised in the post-Civil War South. Experience references to spirituals, call and response, and the “juba” - a...

  • Trailblazers | Part 1

    No-one really knows who the first female composer was but women have been creating and singing melodies since the very beginnings of history.

    In honor of Women’s History Month, TRAILBLAZERS: Women Forging New Paths will feature more than four centuries of music by female composers, displaying si...